6 ways for Independent agents to win new clients 

Acquiring customers is among the major challenges faced by new independent agents. The toughest part of the insurance business is gaining new leads. And without new clients and leads, you cannot survive as an insurance agent. Over that, the insurance industry is extremely saturated. Thousands of agents are going head to head for the attention of valuable potential clients. How do you go about winning more clients in the insurance industry? While conventional sales practices such as cold calling might still work for some, there are several new techniques available too. 

How to win clients as an Independent agent

How to win new clients as an independent agent

 1. Building your profile

To keep up with the competitive insurance market, your profile needs to stand out. Study what your competing companies are doing. Get some new business card if necessary. Update the photo and bio on your website. Maintain your website and social media in such a way that they exemplify you as a professional. Enhance your LinkedIn profile. Make your online presence look interesting.  

2. Identify the target audience

Identifying your target audience cautiously and accurately plays an important role in bringing in responses which might turn into insurance sales. If you are able to define your audience precisely, you already know who you are looking for and can align your selling points with their needs. Once you know whom you want to reach, and what is like to have an effect on them, you can design the message accordingly.  

3. Work on your social media presence

Are you already on Facebook? Great! But are you on other social media networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others? Once you are on these networks, it’s all about using these platforms to reach your ideal customers, drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as a brand. However, just being on social media is not enough. You need to figure out the way to do the right things on the right platform at an appropriate time. The content you share on social media should be insightful, useful or informative. Joining groups and engaging on pages that are in line with your services and products can be helpful in drawing the relevant audience to your social media.  

4. Use your clients for referrals

When you are just starting from scratch, you should not be afraid of asking referrals from the clients you make. When you first start with a client, send them a package with a welcome note. Make sure you include a folder with all the necessary information they should know; the carrier information for instance. Ask your most loyal clients if they are willing to refer you to friends and family if they’re happy with your service. Make sure to thank the referring customer once you get referred to someone. 

5. Make networking with other professionals your priority

Interacting with professionals in your field is an excellent way to obtain life insurance leads without having to spend your money. Check to see if your city had any professional networking groups. A lot of people are a part of networking groups in which, on a weekly or monthly basis, practitioners from various sectors meet to interact, exchange marketing tactics, and refer business to one another.  

6. Look professional

If you have an office, make sure it looks tidy and organized. Dress the part of a professional.  Have a personality such that people feel comfortable and at ease in your presence.  

And remember, your relationship with new customers does not end after the sale. Selling insurance is not only selling policies; take the opportunity to build your book of business. Think of ways to retain your existing customers and getting referrals from them. 

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