Accredited Advisor in Insurance(AAI)- The Next Step for Insurance Agents

Have you ever found yourself positioned amongst increasing competitors? As an insurance agent, you might have come across a lot of obstacles to be where you are right now. So how can you develop more as an agent? Furthermore, what can you do to provide your clients with more appropriate services? Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) is here just for that.

Let’s start with what we need to know about AAI. 

What is an Accredited Advisor in Insurance(AAI)?

AAI is a title earned after completion of a series of examinations by insurance professionals.

Insurance agents acquire AAI to increase their knowledge base in their insurance careers. It also increases the quality of client service you can provide. An agent that holds AAI can give their clients the best service. Not only the service, but they also help them find the best policy.

An insurance agent that holds an AAI designation has advanced knowledge in the insurance industry. Furthermore, agents pursue this designation to increase their customer service quality and their earnings with it. They are more informed and experienced in the insurance sector, so why not grab it?

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Benefits of being an Accredited Advisor in Insurance. 

  • An AAI designation adds value to the insurance agent’s role. 
  • AAI professionals can offer quality customer service. Also, they help clients to identify and attain their insurance needs.
  • Agents that hold AAI designation demonstrate professional proficiency. 
  • AAIs can provide comprehensive insight to clients on insurance to increase retention. 
  • AAIs need to acquire a vast knowledge base to deal with both challenging clients and complicated claims. 

“The Instituteclaims that 90% of AAI holders felt earning the designation added value to their role as an agent.” 

Qualifications for an Accredited Advisor in Insurance(AAI)

The program requirements are simple; you need to give a series of examinations conducted by the Insurance Institute of America. It’s estimated to take 8-12 months of your time. Following the course, it consists of principles of insurance, knowledge on P&C insurance, and more. 

The courses you need to complete are:  

  •  AAI-81 Foundations of Insurance Production 
  • AAI-82 Multiple-Lines Insurance Production 
  • AAI-83 Agency Operations and Sales Management 

Additional courses: 

  • AAI 87 Agency Leadership and Strategic Alignment 

Completing the additional course will earn you the Accredited Advisor in Insurance in management. 

Additionally, AAI entails you to meet a requirement in ethics. For this, you have to pass a 50-question Ethical Guidelines. You need to pass either: 

  • Ethics 311, or 
  • Ethics 312 

Need more help with ethics? Here are the 50-question Ethical Guidelines for insurance agents.  

The Institutes can provide the tools and courses to prepare you for these courses properly. 

The Takeaway

Being an insurance agent is not a dead-end job. Undoubtedly, you always have more to learn. All these qualifications to an addition to your profile as an agent will help you retain more clients. AAI is without a doubt, a qualification you should attain ASAP. An agent will be educationally and professionally equipped to deal with difficult clients and complicated claims and subsequently, be the best in what you do.

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Learn how you can flourish as an agent after one call!

Schedule a call right now and learn how you can ease your work, sell more, and increase your profits!