Internet Marketing Agents And The Mistakes To Avoid

According to Hubspot, companies that have online blogs get 55% more web traffic than those that don’t. These blogs are usually managed by internet marketing agents. The marketing done online has a good chance of being both a hit as well as a miss. However, mistakes are a great way to understand what works and what doesn’t.

The catch is that you don’t need to learn from your own mistakes; you can learn from the mistakes that others have made and step ahead in the game. Here are some rookie internet marketing mistakes agents make and some easy-to-use tips for effective insurance agency marketing.

1. Too Many Domain Names

Why does buying multiple domain names seem like an enticing marketing tactic for insurance agencies? The simple answer is that keywords in your domain name factor into Google rankings. Many internet marketing agents tend to buy domain names with targeted keywords in them for the sole purpose of attaining a higher Google ranking.

However, there’s no SEO value if you put identical content and service offerings on your webpages. Google recognizes duplicate content and discounts the second and later web addresses so that they don’t appear in SERPs ranking at all.

Tip: Conduct keyword research to filter what people are searching for and decide an appropriate domain name. If you want to use multiple domain names, set up a 301-redirect to prevent them from being indexed in Google and to direct the user to the real domain.

2. More Than One Official Webpage

One of the common tendencies among captive agents is that they start their own agency website in the hopes of staying ahead of the pack. They want to track their visitors, control content and do other things that their carriers may not allow. However, with more than one official webpage, you’re losing your chances of appearing in Google searches.

When you have more than one official webpage, Google gets confused. Consequently, more often than not, Google directs audiences to those who have only one official page.

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3. The Wrong Type of Social Media Page Might Create Problems

Statista reports social media users will grow to 257 million in 2023 from 246 million in 2019. Over 70% of the US population holds a social media account, making it crucial to incorporate social media in marketing for insurance agencies.

For instance, Facebook is a highly used social network in the US and an opportunity for your business to network with your community. It has two types of accounts: personal and business. Many marketers make the blunder of creating a personal account instead of a business account. As a result, these marketers lose opportunities for accumulating marketing insights for their insurance agency.

Tip: Whether for Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks, create a business page to get access to marketing insights. These insights are a gold mine for consumer data—their locations, interests, time of activity, and more.

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4. Internet Marketing Agents Must Avoid Inadequate Blogging

Increase traffic to your website and your services through informative blogs that actually add value to your audience. A blog with shoddy and inferior articles can damage your brand’s image. Writing a blog that doesn’t rank well in SERPs won’t get you visitors, making your efforts and time go wasted. In addition to being relevant, your blog should be SEO optimized to gain visibility.

Tip: A great internet marketing strategy for agents is to read a competitor’s article, consider their best points, find out their gaps, and draft more a comprehensive article.

5. Develop Mobile-Friendly User Interfaces as Internet Marketing Agents

In 2019, Statista reported that 83% of social media visits in the US were from mobile phones. If you look at more statistics presented by Statista, you’ll find that mobile users account for about half of the total web traffic worldwide.  Hence, the importance of developing a mobile-friendly website to make your pages easily accessible and attract more visitors is a no-brainer.

Tip: Ensure that the menus and content of your web pages display well for mobile users. Keep the headlines short and compelling, and avoid stuffing too many external links into your pages.

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6. Are Your Internet Marketing Approaches Easy-To-Quote  

The primary goal of marketing for insurance agencies is to lure the audience to hit the “get a quote” button. Therefore, you need to ask yourself, “What will people find after hitting that button?” Will they see a long form that asks detailed questions regarding their license information, VIN, driving history, and so on?

Having to fill in such lengthy details can be exhausting for your customers, leading to higher bounce rates, meaning, all of your marketing efforts will go down the drain.

Tip: Make the quote form short and precise to get a general overview of the prospects.

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7. Aggressive Email Marketing Is Not a Good Look

An insurance agency benefits from being aware of marketing activities that adversely affect their business. One such marketing blunder is aggressively sending emails to recipients without their consent. These recipients are more likely to mark the sender’s email as SPAM. Consequently, your domain name can be flagged as a SPAM, resulting in your emails landing in receivers’ junk folders.

Although US law doesn’t mandate marketers to get consent from consumers before sending them commercial emails, marketers do need to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. This Act requires you to insert an opt-out mechanism to let recipients indicate their unwillingness to receive such messages.

Tip: The opt-out feature of emails or the ability to unsubscribe to your marketing campaign helps you from having your domain name flagged as SPAM.

8. Multiple Google Places Pages

Google Places is an online directory of business listings. Sometimes insurance agents like to set up multiple Google Places profiles with slight differences in phone numbers, locations, agency names, and so on, thinking that more pages mean more eyes on their agency. However, while using the internet as a marketing tool, insurance agents need to understand when it is too much. Multiple google place profiles will mean you’re less likely to appear in Google searches. Google gets confused with these kinds of listings.

Tip: If you’re offering the same services, focus on building one Google profile and making it stronger.

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9. Smart Internet Marketing Agents Don’t Buy Fake Followers and Likes

A large follower count is social proof that the particular page is authentic and offers value to its followers. To appear as a trending page, many businesses tend to buy followers and likes. However, such investments to boost online visibility can backfire.

For instance, if your business profile has over a million followers, but only around 2000 likes in the post, the fake followers become quite apparent. Since social media platforms are more concerned with real-time engagement, they discourage fake engagement by purging fake accounts.

10. Pop-Up Videos: What Internet Marketing Agents Must Learn

Sometimes businesses use an introductory video on their website to explain what their business does in a nutshell. While the concept makes sense, one common blunder some marketers make is that they don’t give the option to skip the video, which can be a big turn off for visitors.

Imagine you’re trying to find information on a website and while you are perusing the page you frequently get distracting pop-up videos. How likely would you be to jump to another site which offers you smooth information access?

11. Why Shouldn’t Internet Marketing Agents Get Fake Reviews?

Fake reviews can do more harm to your site than having no reviews. They make any information on your website unreliable and severely damages your brand’s reputation. Since reviews are the bread and butter of many business review websites such as Google or Yelp, the sites can ban you by tracking your computer, account activity, number of reviews, and more. 

Moreover, Legal Information Institute states that a fake review can bring a civil action against you. Hence, steer away from using fake reviews.   

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12. Microsites Over a Strong Website Is A Good Idea For Internet Marketing Agents

Some agents buy different websites for different niches—for example, different websites for rideshare insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more. However, compared to building a website with multiple niche content, microsites attract weaker web traffic. Using different domain names and splitting efforts on each of them will generate lesser value than adding webpages to one website.

Tip: You have a higher chance of ranking high on Google SERPs if you work on a single domain with multiple webpages or content, instead of using multiple domains for each niche insurance you offer.

An effective internet marketing strategy by agents includes having a solid online presence. However, sometimes your social media presence can be too much. Usually, people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others to look at entertaining posts and pictures; they don’t want to be spammed by an insurance agency multiple times a week.

13. Over-Posting For Internet Marketing Agents

If you post daily on social media sites regarding your insurance services, your audience will likely ignore your posts or unfollow you. Furthermore, every time your posts get less interaction, the social media platforms will automatically limit your content’s visibility.

Tip: Focus on making your content more entertaining and engaging than posting five or more times a week.

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14. Don’t Use Overly Emphasizing Pay-per-Clicks (PPC) as Internet Marketing Agents

In online marketing, agents are inclined to purchase PPC advertising. That’s one of the reasons PPC has become more expensive—higher competition. If you search for “Atlanta insurance agency,” you’ll see big insurance players like Allstate, State Farm, Geico, and so on. Basically, you’re competing against insurance giants with enormous resources.

Hence, an emphasis on PPC can be costly, as well as an unsustainable insurance selling strategies for smaller insurance agencies.

15. Call Tracking As Internet Marketing Agents Is Unethical

Call tracking helps internet marketing agents record which campaigns, keywords, or sources generate phone calls. Such tracking allows them to measure returns on PPC campaigns, retargeting, and other SEO efforts. However, if done incorrectly, call tracking may hurt your SEO due to inconsistencies in Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) across online directories.

Tip: Use consistent NAP in all of your online accounts for a better ranking.

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16. No Value Addition Is A No-No For Internet Marketing Agents

Online marketing differs from traditional television ads in that your audience has the discretion to ignore your ads completely—all they have to do is click a button. Therefore, it’s important to add value through informative or entertaining content. Mediocre, irrelevant, or partially informative content will only increase bounce rates and add to your costs.  

17. SEO-Centric Marketing  Is Not Great For Internet Marketing Agents

Google continually updates its SEO algorithms to filter for relevant and deserving websites, and to keep them at high-ranking spots. To accommodate changing algorithms, marketers will often find tricks to rank well in the short run while overlooking the long-term impacts.

Such tricks can become the beginning of the end of your Google profile because Google may ban your account. Furthermore, becoming overly SEO-centric might mean you’re not spending enough time understanding your clients, analyzing consumer analytics, improving your website’s user experience, conversion rates, and more, if you’re not careful.

Final Words

Internet marketing for agents and agencies can be tricky. From rapidly advancing technologies to periodical changes in SERP’s algorithms, an insurance agency needs to have a flexible marketing team in order to have an effective marketing strategy. Hence, overcome the challenges of modern-day online marketing effortlessly and focus on growing your book of business with us.

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