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Beginners guide to Agency Height platform

How to Add Your Listing?

Adding your listing in the Agency Height directory helps you connect to insurance shoppers directly, in an easy and convenient way. It also helps you build your online presence by ranking you in local search engines such as Google and Bing.  

How to Optimize Your Profile?

Optimizing your profile will give you a comparative advantage over other profiles and grow your digital rank as well. With proper optimization of your profile, you will be more visible in the directory platform.

How to Get a Verified Badge?

Getting verified will get a badge added to your profile, which assures potential insureds of your credibility. For that you have to enter your information and verify it.

How to Manage Your Reviews?

Reviews from insureds you have worked with can help build trust with your leads. Positive reviews make your profile more credible. You can also reply to the reviews sent by your clients.

How to Change Your Password?

Passwords act as the first line of defense to protect your account from being compromised so changing your password helps you keep your account secured. You should keep your accounts secure by timely updating your passwords.