A Comprehensive Guide to Generating Insurance Leads through Networking

Generating leads for insurance has never been easy, but it isn’t hard either. The general notion is that to get more insurance leads, you need to use more platforms. But often, the problem is not how many platforms you use, but how you use them to make insurance sales. 

The argument of buying leads or lead generation is a debate that will go on forever. There are pros and cons to both. But the long-term benefits of lead generation for your personal and career growth cannot be undermined. And while there are a ton of strategies to generate leads, the power of networking is incomparable.  

In this article, we will briefly go over how you, as an insurance agent, can effectively network to make insurance sales. 


Be Proactive While Attending Events 

Relevant events provide an excellent opportunity for getting leads for insurance. According to Oxford, about 5-10% of new customers come from trade shows. Anyone who attends an insurance-related event is already interested or at least concerned about insurance. So, having yourself noticed will be easy if you prepare well beforehand. Just be a little proactive. 

Consider showing up early in events. If the situation favors, you’ll get to meet the organizers or representatives of another insurance carrier with high ‘connection power’. Field Marketing Organizations (FMO) are also active participants in events. They can provide some great leads, or at least connecting them will do you wonders in the future. 

Just be careful when you initiate contact with anyone, because how you present yourself makes a huge difference. An article published in HBR gives some great tips on how to make a great first impression. On the flip side, you can make some insurance jokes as a conversation starter, perhaps?  

Besides, here are a few other things to remember: 

  • Understand the purpose, target audience and prospective clients before the event 
  • Research the latest trends, so you have relevant conversation starters  
  • Remember: your objective is to build your network, know people, and collect data 

Talk to potential leads for insurance, find out the problems they are facing, and research the solutions. Approach your contacts later with the solutions that you’ve gathered. Once you’ve established rapport and built trust, then try to provide them an insurance quote.   


Direct referrals 

Referrals are the holy grails of organic insurance sales. They are the most significant sources of getting high quality leads other than word-of-mouth. While they are effective means of marketing for insurance, you can expect the best results only if they happen naturally. Getting people to refer your services to insurance leads isn’t something you can force.  

However, there are several things you can do to accelerate the process.   

  • Find out who among your circle might have a relevant connection   
  • If you refer to the services of other professionals in your network, they’ll likely return the favor.  
  • Provide excellent service to the network you already have.   
  • Establish partnerships with other businesses to get referrals from them by offering them something in return. 


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Connect people that you feel might be able to help each other as referral partners.  For example:  if you know a realtor who is looking for a landscaper, introduce them.  Create a reputation for being a Mavin. 

Remember, getting referrals for insurance sales requires a lot of patience. Still, once you start getting consistent referrals, finding leads for insurance won’t be hard. 

Getting leads for insurance through trade associations

Trade associations can prove as a hub for building quality relationships and networking. Through volunteer work like free consultation on insurance, you can maintain a positive image among the participating businesses. You’ll be able to present yourself as someone willing to help. Doing so builds trust and credibility among others who might contact you vor refer you to others.  

Making a monthly plan can help in planning your role in trade associations. Given below is a monthly sample plan: 

Leveraging Digital Platforms For Insurance Sales

If you’re not active on the Internet, you’re as good as invisible.  

Social media has already taken the world by storm. You can use various tools in social media for marketing for insurance today. According to Oberlo, there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide as of 2019, and this number is only growing. Targeting the right audience in these platforms to make insurance sales is possible, and that’s the beauty of digital platforms.   

It would be unwise for businesses to miss out on attracting potential insurance leads. But how do you utilize social media to make insurance sales?   

A basic cheat sheet you can follow is:   

  • Find the current trend in your industry.   
  • Connect with niche-related people.   
  • Create a monthly content plan, fix a schedule, and start sharing.   
  • Communicate with customers and businesses frequently.   
  • Finally, be consistent.   

Be relevant and add value. It doesn’t always need to be about insurance, but it does need to add value to a person’s life. Share community information or repost a feel-good local article. You can become the bearer of good newsinform and bring smiles. And, try your best not to post negative spins on anything.  

While you can engage a lot of insurance leads through social media, your primary lead source should be search engine optimization (SEO). 

So how can you make insurance sales through SEO? 

  1. Site optimization  
    • Make your site easy to navigate  
    • Bring relevant links from other sites
  2. Blogging:  
    • Use relevant keywords  
    • Publish frequently  
    • Have a robust call to action at the end of your blogs 
  3. Local listing:   
    • Verify your Google business account  
    • Target area-specific keywords  
    • Post frequently  

These are some ways in which you can leverage networking for generating insurance leads. You can try these methods and figure out which one works best for insurance sales. However, this is just a small part of generating leads. There is so much more you can do! 

Did you like what you just read? If you have more interesting networking hacks, do share with us in the comments below.  


Learn how you can flourish as an agent after one call!

Schedule a call right now and learn how you can ease your work, sell more, and increase your profits!