7 Marketing Ideas For Independent Insurance Agents

Marketing is certainly one of the best ways to sell and advertise a product or a service. The competition these days is high for pretty much any field of work we choose to take up and it’s no different for Insurance Agents. 

When we tend to do business, our first line of action is almost always attracting Customers. You need to base your marketing strategy on the type of audience that favors your line of work. You can turn various tactics to your advantage if you just know how to implement those marketing ideas to your benefits. Generating Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents can be tough as well so we have attempted to make it a tad bit easier with this article. 

7 Marketing Ideas for the Independent Insurance Agent

7 Marketing Ideas For Independent Insurance Agents 1


Content marketing is a valuable way to enter the marketing area. Approach your audience in such a way that they can’t pull away from reading your content. Contents bursting with valuable information that provides people with not just facts and numbers but what they truly desire to know will never go unnoticed.

Catchy and productive content marketing can significantly increase the content traffic and with traffic, more people tend to connect with the services you provide. Maintain a blog with articles on different topics related to insurance, safety, tips, and tricks among others. Try writing regular content on the topics your potential clients might be interested in or talking about. 


According to Hubspot32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, with blogging in second (27%). Plain and simple text and numbers tend to bore the audience. Visual marketing helps to connect with people through pictures, graphs, videos and more visual stimulations with higher promises of displaying your services and facilities in a more enjoyable and capturing way. Make your content more interesting and effective by generating content that is more likely to impact your current and potential clients.  


In an age where almost every person is linked with some form of social media, marketing via social media is bound to be successful. Utilizing social networking websites as a marketing tool, agencies can market their services from people to people through a social network. Social media has occupied a huge part of our lives. We can see many people, if not all, use one or more social media platforms in their lives. So why not use this fact for your benefit? Share your services, promote social media posts, create social ads, and increase your brand exposure to easily increase your networking.  


Your personal network is always a bonus when it comes to business. As we all know, free is always better. People you know can help you increase your marketing possibility as direct communication is always better than a digital one. Friends and family can significantly market your services as relatives are more likely to come to your services rather than walk into the unknown. With you personally selling your services with proper speech, you would be surprised how well it can bring more people to join aboard your ideas. Similarly, networking with people in the same business as you might help you get more referrals, which as a result is likely to bring you more leads. 


Always keep an eye on your reviews and criticisms. Keep track of the reviews you get about your business. How people rate your services is vital to you as they are the main source of your customer count. Learn how well you are doing with people, how good your reviews are and if they are bad, figure out why. Work on your flaws and improve your customer feedback so that your reviews are bound to get better.  


Once you gather customers, it is wise to check-in on them on a regular basis without overdoing it. This shows that you care about your clients and that sense of concern can boost your relationships with them. Keeping them updated and working things out rather than ignoring them is an indirect way to market your service. This will help you maintain your customer count and help spread the good word about you and your business. When you win new clients, send them a handwritten ‘thank you’ card for choosing you for insurance service. 


As mentioned before, getting personal and up-close with people can help a lot to increase your business in line. When you try to connect to people on a more personal level and show that you actually care about them, they get easily appeal to your services. Using a digital form of marketing can be effective but most people just tend to skip through and move on from what they deem useless.

Maintaining a bond on a personal level eliminates that and people actually listen to what you have to say and are more likely to get on board with your product and the services you provide, given that you preserve those bonds. Go door to door, host events, and distribute flyers and brochures. I know these sound tedious and troublesome but you have to go an extra mile if you want to find success in what you do. 

Marketing can be tough but once you figure out how it works, it is magic at the tip of your finger. If you want to learn more on the insurance agency, visit AGENCYHEIGHT for further support. 

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