How To Get Good Google Reviews As Independent Insurance Agent

Google Reviews are necessary for the insurance business, and it is time agents got sufficiently acquainted with it. One thing anybody typically does when looking for an insurance agency is open their smartphone and type in a few words, which gives them access to a digital catalog full of viable options. With so many possible choices, any potential customer will look into one thing to ease their way in making the best choice- check for online reviews.
The result of a customer review on the insurance business can be magnanimous. Usually, people select options with outstanding reviews, leaving behind ones with bad or no reviews. However, it is still not too late for insurance agents to catch up. According to Rocket Referrals (2018), 80 — 90% of the insurance agencies typically have only three reviews given generously to them by customers. While this may seem disappointing, this is, in fact, an opportunity for insurance agencies to collect glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

How To Get Good Google Reviews As Independent Insurance Agent

How To Get Good Google Reviews As Independent Insurance Agent

Why Google Reviews matter?

Google Reviews can act as referrals for your insurance businesses. A review left by a past customer becomes a basis for judgment other potential customers on whether to make use of your service or not. Studies suggest that the reliance of customers on online reviews for product decision is increasing every day. When the number of reviews rise to ten, the search traffic on a website increases by an average of 20%. The positive effect left on your local SEO from good reviews also increases your agency’s online visibility. Unlike internet leads and advertisements, the referrals created by reviews on Google are permanent, cost-efficient and fruitful. They can help establish a sense of trust towards your provided service, reel in new customers and bring growth in customer retention.
In fact, research by Google showed that having reviews on your Google listing resulted in a 140% increase in driving directions and a 350% increase in web site visits from the local search results.

The don’ts

Now that we have established Google Reviews are important for insurance agents like yourself before we move to what you should do to earn reviews, here’s what you should NOT do:


While Google may not be efficient in detecting fake reviews, the same cannot be said for customers reading them. Fake reviews immediately throw every ounce of credibility out of the window and will have a severe effect on your business. Customers will question the validity and quality of the service you provide and will be quick to leave bad WOM.


Rewarding customers for good reviews amounts to bribing and once again tarnishes your image as well as the established trust.


The idea is to keep reviews fresh and frequent. Almost 85% of customers doubt reviews older than three months, and only 40% of customers refer to reviews that are older than two weeks. Be sure to be active in engaging customers and ask them for reviews as frequently as possible.

The Do’s

Since we covered the Google Review taboos, here are some tips on what to do to get good reviews for your agency:


The simplest way of collecting Google Reviews for your agency is to ask your customers to leave one after the service has been completed. It’s as simple as sending a text or giving a phone call to your client!


Remember to ask for reviews just as your service ends. Hit the rod when the iron is still hot! This ensures that every time you provide service to a customer, your agency receives new reviews. This will keep your reviews organic and avoids bulking.


After a successful job, send your customer follow-up mail with e-mail signature attached in the end. Imagine how many customers you can reach out to for reviews by simply attaching it to the e-mail as a signature. Adding a link to your signature can be the easiest way to get a boost in your review count.


Make it easier for clients to leave reviews. Provide direct links to clients on where they can leave reviews. Send clients instructions; including review links directly to your website for convenience. Remember, not all your clients are going to be tech-savvy. For many people, the barrier between them leaving a review or not is sometimes they don’t know how to do it.


Responding to the reviews you get online makes all the difference in the world. Be sure to respond to all reviews- negative or positive. If you get a positive review, show them your appreciation. If you receive a negative review, don’t lose your calm or get defensive. Acknowledge what went wrong and be sure to reach out to the customer about what went sour.
6. Deliver the quality of service that is worth the review: The quality of service you bring in your business is the most important part of earning a good review. A satisfied customer is more likely to leave a review that shines a positive light on your agency and the service you provide. Remember, what you deliver ultimately dictates how many stars are going to shine in your Google reviews!

Bringing in new reviews for your agency should not be a tedious process. Just remember to keep it as simple as possible, guide your customers and show them how to do it. Incorporating this into your marketing and communicating the importance of this across your subordinates or co-workers is often all that’s needed to boost your Google review game. Have questions? Leave a comment below.

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