5 Ways to Retain your Clients as an Independent Agent


Once you develop a circle of different clients and create any form of bond with them, it is not only easier and cheaper but sensible for you to try and retain them for the best. You retaining clients is like you planting a tree. Early stages will require a lot of hard work and patience but once all grown up and faithful to you, they bear fruits only for you for an extended time.

There are many reasons for you to retain clients and they are all equally important. It is cheaper, provides your brand quality, creates connections, and so much more. But only knowing that client retention is good won’t help you will it? You have to know the proper steps and points to help you out with the process of client retention.

How to retain your clients as an independent Insurance Agent

Retaining your clients as an independent agent

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1. Stand out

Give your clients something to remember you by. You are not the only insurance agent out in the market so be sure that your clients have a reason to remember you when they think of insurance so that the first person they approach to is always you. Remind them of discounts follow up with claims, educate them about insurance and so on.

Once you gain their trust and you stand out from the rest of the insurance agents, they will almost always come to you for any kind of advice and so you can land those clients to your side of the business for a long term.

2. Buyer persona

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your clients based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Creating a buyer persona helps you to better understand and sort out your clients. Buyer persona gives you a practical representation of your clients so you can understand them better and present them analogical insurance.

3. Brand association

Associating yourself with a brand is a simple way to not only market yourself but get involved in the community you work with. Working and associating yourself with a local brand may it be a sports team, a charity group or any renowned group will help your popularity to spread and getting involved in the community you are working with will land you clients with very little effort.

4. Personal life and events

Dive deeper into the life of your clients and try to get as much involved as you can. Maybe it’s their kids birthday, or maybe it’s their anniversary, attend them and bring them gifts and whatnot. Doing all these things might seem lengthy but you will gain their favors and they will always come to you before any other insurance agents. Occasional hand-written notes and cards will make them feel special and people tend to remember those who do them good.

5. Feedback

Feedback is the key to success in any business. Feedback is basically knowing and collecting information on what your consumers think about you and how they view your services. So it is without a doubt that you need to always ask your clients for feedback. Take a fun survey, ask questions, be creative, and get involved. Surveys give them a platform to pour their frustration with words rather than their action.

With proper response and feedback from your clients, you can work on your flaws and give them less to no reason for any future complaints. If they know that they are getting herd, they will feel your hospitality and know that you care so that even with any dissatisfaction, they will not discontinue your services but tend to make it stronger.

Follow these steps and get more creative yourself. You will be on the right path to client retention in no time. You can read this article to understand why retaining clients is as important as getting new ones.

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