RV Insurance: Safety On The Move!

Secure your RV Insurance today for a great vacation tomorrow!

Myth: RV insurance and car insurance are the same. Getting separate insurance is a useless expense.

Fact: Your RV is a recreational vehicle that includes a living space and a kitchen and a bathroom. It needs a different set of endorsements and coverage.

Just because your RV packs more punch than your car, it doesn’t mean that it is more expensive. According to statistics released by Condor Ferries, 11% of households in the United States own an RV. An increasing number of millennials are pushing this trend even further. In addition, owners spend an average of 3-4 weeks per year on their vehicle. Handling and moving with a larger-than-life-sized automobile comes with a range of risks. In the case of roadside accidents, RVs have a higher chance of causing serious damages to the traffic around them. Lastly, buyers should consider looking at homeowner insurance policies to select the best RV insurance.

Numerous states have mandated for buyers to get RV insurance by law, but it is highly recommended that owners purchase more coverage than what is minimally required by the state. RV premiums are pocket-friendly and prone to discounts!

do i need rv insurance

Do you need an RV insurance?  

Your RV experience should be exciting and adventurous, not filled with worry and uncertainty. Many gaps left unfilled in your car insurance may leave your recreational vehicle uncovered for damages. RV insurance covers tow-truck coverage, full-timers insurance, campsite liability insurance, and emergency expenses coverage.  

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