7 Proven Psychological Sales Tips For Insurance Agents

Sales is an art form and psychology can be viewed as an additional aid to perfect it. How many times have you heard about using reverse psychology or using mirroring techniques to convert potential clients? This article discusses tried and tested psychological sales tips to help you increase your sales numbers as an insurance agent. Try them out now!

When talking about psychology, people often get intimidated. Mostly, in the fear of it being something that is only to be used by professionals. Without even realizing it, almost every one of us tends to use psychological tools and techniques to navigate through life. Chances are that you as a salesperson are somewhat pretty good at it.

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Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #1 Finding the Right Trigger

Insurance is all about making your client feel protected. One way you can do that is by using emotional triggers to strengthen your marketing materials and pitches. An emotional trigger is an idea or phrase that activates a person’s key emotions. Something that invokes feelings of trust, guilt, fear, belonging, etc. By talking to your leads and learning what they value, you can fine-tune your strategies to truly cater to their needs.  
For instance, let’s say a lot of prospects have been telling you they are tired of businesses trying to give them the run-around. Consider adjusting your marketing strategies so you are emphasizing how trust-worthy you are with messages such as, “no hidden fees.”  

7 Proven Psychological Sales Tips for Agents

Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #2 Save the Best Offer for the End

Now, this probably sounds bizarre but you can make this work flawlessly. When pitching your insurance policies, you can start by giving high prices which you know are above your client’s reach. After circling around this price, you can tell them that you are lowering the price and ‘cracking a special deal’ for them. Make your customers feel like you are giving them special treatment and it will make them more inclined to buy insurance from you.

For example, you can frame the statement like, “The original market cost for the car insurance policy is $1500, but for you I can give you a special deal for only $850.”

Using words such as “only” gives them an illusion of less and adds a certain time limit to this “special” offer.

Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #3 Finding Common Ground 

Insurance is a personal product and at the end also a two-way street, it’s always best to find some common ground with your client. It could be anything, from your favorite pizza joint to a movie star, or even a book you read recently. Just find a topic to include as both small talk and relationship building. Finding commonalities between you and your client adds a personal touch to your sales pitch, and it will take you a long way even after you have made the sale.  

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Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #4 Roleplay as a Satisfied Client  

One of the most important sales tips is to believe in your product. The best way to actually do that is to roleplay as a happy client. It’s important to tell your client how satisfied you are with the insurance package you are trying to sell. It will help them view the product in a positive light. Your experience will definitely increase your chances to make that sale. The reason being, it acts as a direct review of your product—and who doesn’t like a well-reviewed product?  

Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #5 Make the Customer Experience as Easy as You Can

Your clients are busy people—there is no denying that. When you make your plans easier to understand and convenient to purchase, you are likely to get insurance sales. To increase sales and get online conversions, try adding easy-to-use online payment gateways such as PayPal.

Forbes states that by making your product more accessible to your client, you are likely to address a person’s inherent need to be lazy which is definitely going to work in your favor.

7 Proven Psychological Sales Tips for Success

Sales Tips for Insurance Agents #6 Don’t Give Them the Option to Say No  

 You may have seen this technique done with children. When you ask a child if they’d like carrots with their dinner, they are going to say no. But if you ask them if they’d like broccoli or carrots, they are more likely to pick one of the presented choices. Similarly with your clients, when making a deal, it’s always best to give them the option of two choices instead of a yes or no question. This eliminates a situation where the client might say no to the proposed deal. 

For example, try asking, “Would you like to make your down payment on Monday or Tuesday?” instead of, “Would you like to make your down payment on Monday?” You will see quite a lot of difference in your sales numbers with this sales tip.  

BONUS TIP – Make Your Client Feel Heard

When making an insurance sale, always remember that the client is thinking about a lot of things in their life. For example, when getting car insurance, the client is visualizing a myriad of situations where something horrible could happen while they’re driving to them, their family, or to their car. If they voice out a concern or disagree with a stipulation that your insurance policy has, instead of convincing them otherwise, validate their concerns and give alternate options.

Sometimes this could mean changing the insurance policy to better meet their concerns or even referring them to a different agent. While this may seem counterproductive initially, this sales tip will definitely help you create a good reputation and help you gain referrals as well as higher conversion rates in the future.

What are 7 Proven Psychological Sales Tips

In Conclusion

Always remember that the whole point of insurance is risk and safety assessment. By using psychological tools such as these sales tips to aid your pitch, you are helping your clients determine which is the best coverage plan that will add value and peace to their lives. Besides these psychological tips, there are various tips available to independent insurance agents that you can use to make the best sales pitch ever.

Using psychological sales tips can drastically change the way you plan your marketing strategy. It gives you an extra edge to take the lead in the already competitive insurance market. Take the extra step to excel in what you do. 

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