Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents

Are you one of those who took social media just as a fad? Well, you might have to rethink it.

The total population of the world was 7.53 billion in 2017. In the same year, social media had 2.80 billion users. That’s more than a quarter of the world! So how can insurance agents benefit from this?

According to we are social, there are 3.534 billion active social media users around the world in 2019. Out of which, Statista estimated that there would be 249.7 million social media users by 2020 in the United States alone. Hence, the potential of social media to reach the masses cannot be understated by insurance agents. 

If you haven’t used social media, then you are missing out on one of the most effective and efficient platforms to market your insurance business. 

Insurance marketing through social media

Millennials are by far the largest population in the US. They grew up with technology around them. As being the most significant user of social media, if you want to reach them, that’s where you need to be. 

According to eMarketerout of the total population in the US, millennials make up 90.4% of the total population. Gen-X and Baby boomers make up 77.5% and 48.2%, respectively. 

Considering what used to be a face-to-face industry has moved online, and what worked ten years ago to get you new policyholders won’t work anymore. Marketing for insurance is different, and it will always change with time. 

Before we dive right in marketing for insurance, let’s first know the benefits.   

  • It is cost-effective    
  • It creates brand awareness    
  • It provides social customer service    
  • It enhances SEO    
  • It gives insight into customer behavior. 

Be it to build your brand or marketing opportunities for insurance agents, insurance marketing on social media offers several benefits.  

Getting started with social media for insurance agents

As insurance agents, you ought not to underestimate the potential of social media marketing. Most insurance sales agents have already started using social media platforms. 

Today, social media presence is a must. Not because everyone else is using it, but for building your brand. And how can you do it? By implementing a proper social media strategy. 

The use of social media is becoming widespread. As a result, insurance agents are using it to: 

  • Increase visibility, 
  • Develop relationships, and 
  • Build trust and not just sell products. 

Social media strategy for insurance agents

Creating social media profiles and putting information on them is not enough. In the first place, you need a comprehensive social media strategy for insurance marketing. However, there are a few things you need to consider while deciding on your social media strategy. The first of which is to:

Align your business objectives with your social media marketing goals

Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART).

Track meaningful metrics like website clicks, signups, engagement, and other KPIs essential for insurance marketing.     

Know your audience

Assumptions might not work when it comes to marketing for insurance.   

Knowing who your audiences are and what they want to see on social media is critical when it comes to marketing for insurance.     

Just look at millennials. Their purchasing habits, financial goals, and professional journey are different from the previous generations, all of which impacts how they perceive insurance. KEEP THIS IN MIND!

Research the competition

Insurance agents can learn from what their competitors are doing. Engage in social listening to keep an eye on the trends and competition. Watching what your competitors are doing can give you useful insights into insurance marketing.

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Optimize your accounts

Just determining what platforms to use is not enough. You need to know how to use them too. Identify the platforms to use and create your profiles. Furthermore, make sure they are up-to-date and accurate so that you can prosper with insurance marketing.

Create engaging content


Social media marketing strategies revolve around content. Thus, Insurance agents need to be confident in the networks they are using. study by Hubspot revealed that 80% of viewers remember a video they’ve seen in the last 30 days. So, you need to use videos. Similarly, build content themes and user-generated content as your content piece. 

TIP: Insurance can be fun. Your content can make it enjoyable. Use funny insurance posts to gain more engagement.  

Don’t overdo your content. According to Sproutsocial, 57% say they will unfollow an overly promotional brand

Set up a content calendar

Having a plan is necessary when it comes to sharing content for getting maximum results. Content calendars help insurance agents plan the date and time for publishing content. Accordingly, using metrics in social media is crucial. Analyze times when your fans are most active. You can ensure your content reaches the maximum number of people.

Test, evaluate, and adjust your strategy

Analyzing data from social media is a must for insurance agents.  Because analytics on social media helps you track visitors and map their behavior. Likewise, you can see what drives traffic to your platform. Use this to re-evaluate your strategy. As a result, find what works and what doesn’t for insurance marketing. 

Insurance agents should not ignore traffic coming from their social media platforms. The number of leads generated from social media cannot be overlooked. 


Social media listening for insurance agents

Insurance agents must listen to their audience. As a result, you will be able to connect with your audience. 

So, what is social listening? 

Social media listening refers to analyzing trends happening around your brand and in your industry. Hence, you can use these insights to make better marketing decisions. 

If you are using social media to listen, you can get insights on: 

  • Audience and trend analysis 
  • Product and content effectiveness 
  • Competitors and their offerings      
  • Customer experience that you’re giving them 

Insurance agents, Don’t be intimidated by social media.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of insurance marketing on social media. Engaging with a potential client online is much more efficient than doing it traditionally. For insurance agents, it is a far more effective and efficient method.      

Insurance agents who use social media effectively and can listen to what their customers are saying gain valuable insights into customer preference and increase brand awareness.

Wrapping up    

Social media is a must-have for insurance agents. By focusing on major social media platforms for developing relationships and engaging with your audience, you build a broad social network that will help you in the long run.     

Selecting the right social media is crucial for insurance agents. However, it is an essential strategic plan for you. 

The insurance industry is experiencing digital growth. You, as an agent, can level up your insurance game by introducing technology in insurance. If you want to thrive as an agent missing out on these platforms is not an option.   

Start investing in effective social media marketing strategies today to reach prospects and customers today!  

Did you agree with what we’ve said? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Learn how you can flourish as an agent after one call!

Schedule a call right now and learn how you can ease your work, sell more, and increase your profits!