Social media tips for Independent Insurance Agents

Social media is an easy and economical way of ensuring your advertising efforts reach all your potential customers quickly. Here are some spills on how to make use of social media as an independent agent for the results you require:

social media

  1. Decide on a platform:

Before pushing forward a social media marketing campaign, decide which platforms you want to focus on for your brand. You will not have time to deliver content for every social media platform so select the ones that will yield benefit. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the ones insurance agents generally make use of.

  1. Define your strategy:

After getting your social media set up, think about what is the objective. Whether your endgame is viewer engagement or lead generation, producing content accordingly is necessary.

  1. Curate Content:

While producing original content that caters to your customers’ preferences is crucial, you are an insurance agent first. Sharing from key players in the industry can benefit you. Doing so can establish a symbiotic relationship between you and respected publishers, where they will get higher engagement and you can gain good content and higher visibility and reach on social media.

  1. Add value for your viewers:

No matter what content you put forward, it should add value to your customers. The goal is to share content that is both relevant and useful. Keep yourself in sync with current trends and try making content that revolves around hot topics.

  1. Make regular content:

Make sure your social media has regular content. Neglecting to do so will result in people forgetting about you and your brand. But that doesn’t mean you should post too many things at a short span of time. The last thing you want to do is annoy your followers.

  1. Work on your content mix:

Repetitive content is boring. If you want people to be more engaged, keep people guessing. Switch up your content. A good content mix would include 10-20% of promotional material and 80-90% of high-quality content that could include insights, ice breakers or miscellaneous topics.

  1. Images and videos are your best friend:

People no longer spend large amounts of time reading boring texts and grasping what your post is about. With decreasing attention spans, your viewers are more likely to pay attention to images and videos than texts. They not only capture your audience’s attention but also communicate the message you want to give out faster. In fact, platforms like LinkedIn are also pushing video content forward to compete with giants like YouTube. It’s time to shift from the traditional text-based content.

  1. Let people know you are socially present:

Only creating good content is not going to help you. It is essential people know you are operating on these platforms. Include your social media profiles on your website. You can also put forward conversations with your clients to let them know they can reach you out on social media. Make sure the social network you create nurtures and grows.

  1. Analyze your posts and strategies accordingly:

Everything you do on your social media always may not meet your viewers’ preferences. Social media marketing is all about experimenting and forming the appropriate content. What you produce may be a hit or miss at first try. The idea is to analyze your performance and improvement. What’s important is you learn and evolve accordingly. Make use of analytics tools each social media has to offer.

Social media thrives in the age of the digital marketing world. If you can pull off a good social media marketing campaign, you not only become a vocal member of the digital insurance community but can also build networks.



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