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If you read the title and assumed that this article is going to cover on how one can boost your social media marketing, that’s where you went wrong. Social selling operates in a different spectrum than social media marketing. If the concept of social selling puzzles you, there lies a chance that the current potential of your agency is just scratching the surface.

According to Hubspot, research conducted by almost 74% of buyers is based online before a purchase decision is made or contact is established. Would you not want to take part in the decision-making process to ensure a good business opportunity is not missed? No need to worry though, because that’s where this article is going to assist you in understanding social selling, what importance it holds for your agency and how you can get a higher social selling success.

So what is social selling?

In simple words, social selling is establishing contact between salespeople and business prospects to understand potential customers and nurture a sense of trust with them. It is a fundamental aspect of how you plan to become a successful agent and keep your agency relevant. While not a fresh concept, with the recent development of social media platforms, social selling is growing at a pace not known before and is definitely here to stay. If you already have a social media platform, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you probably are already practicing some form of social selling without even being aware of it. Social selling is all about giving leverage to the social media platforms you operate in. The core idea of conducting any kind of business today is earning the trust of your customers and providing them with value, not the products you offer them. There is no better way is there to achieve trust quickly, economically and efficiently than social selling.

Why is social selling important?

To keep it simple, your customers are already engaged in social buying. Today, 57% of the total purchase decisions by customers are already made even before they engage with a sales representative of a product. Your potential customers are already out there researching your agency and forming opinions on you as well as your competitors. Which brings us to the next point; your competitors are already out there working on their social selling.

Social selling is the easiest and most convenient way of reeling in customers. Your buyers are more aware than ever, making use of every tools and technique made available to them through technology to make pre-purchase decisions and looking for representatives to talk to before finally drawing a conclusion. What better way to bring them in by actively social selling your services? The traditional selling strategies are no longer going to work on your modern customers. It is time to change with the world.

The benefits?

  1. A pathway to your growth

Good social selling can and will help increase your sales revenue, appointments, social network metrics, and social influencer scores through active engagement with customers and better social presence. According to Salesforce Research, 51% of Baby Boomers interacted with companies through social media. For Gen X, that percentage went up to 69% and for Gen Z and Millennial, the number rose to 86%.

  1. Goodbye cold calls!

You no longer have to annoy customers and risk driving them away. On the contrary, your customers will be actively seeking out what you have to say about your agency.

  1. Time is money, and you get to save it!

Social selling allows you to catch customers who are already out there, looking for information on the product you’re selling. You no longer have to go out of your way to attract customers. It is simple, efficient and saves a lot of time.

5 steps to social selling

Becoming a social selling wizard on social media might seem like a difficult task, but it is easily doable if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Work on your online branding

Having a strong online brand presence helps you establish credibility and increase visibility towards your customers. Your brand image is what will help you engage with customers and exceed quota expectations. How do you achieve this?

Complete your online profile: The first and most important step of creating your brand presence on the internet is to have a complete profile. Always keep your profile updated and 100% complete. Here is a social profile checklist for you to follow and check whether you’re doing it right!

Increase visibility: Add rich content to your profile that can be beneficial to your clients. Be sure to engage with them through comments and stay interactive with your prospects.

Endorsements and Recommendations:  Collect as many endorsements and recommendations as you can on your online profiles to reel in prospects and customers. These are the key ingredients in your reputation marketing. On December 2018 BrightLocal conducted an online review study of consumers which showed that almost 84% of people regarded online reviews as much as recommendations made by friends and family. Reviews and endorsements not only increase customer trust but also increase landing page conversions and click-through-rates. This turns your online profile into a lead-generating tool.

  1. Get active in groups

The idea is to develop real connections with prospects through groups. Groups are where potential customers come together and engage in discussions or ask questions. This is also a great starting point to create leads.

Through groups, you can determine what questions are being asked and relay helpful suggestions. Moreover, the information gathered can also be used to come up with an FAQ section for your profiles.

Earlier we established that customers researching more than ever on products and services that want to make use of. By becoming part of online groups, you will be directly influencing their decisions.

  1. Build trust

Always remember, your professional social media profiles are there for your customers and not for you. Social selling is all about assisting your prospects before selling them your products. You can work to establish trust with your potential customers by building networks, being there for them at all times, creating content they need, asking them what they want and including precise calls-to-action. Remember quality over quantity. You don’t want to overdo it, so engage with a handful of prospects that are important to you rather than engage with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

  1. Generate leads with social media

If you’re ceaselessly not producing potential customers for your sales department to handle, you’re doing it wrong. Leads are potential customers who have shown some degree of interest on your product. Making use of your social media for generation of leads is therefore very important. So how can you do it?

Use multiple channels All your customers are not going to be clustered on one social media platform. It is thus, important that you make use of every single platform available at your disposal, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Also, make sure to cross-market your different profiles on different platforms so that you get the best of both worlds.

Become a target: You can use applications like LinkedIn Pulse and Nuzzel to filter content on your social media profile and receive posts from key clients, small businesses and prospects. Send thoughtful messages to your clients as well as endorsements to keep the goodwill going. Leave comments and thoughts that add value to posts created or shared by clients

Target prospects: Try to always reach out to your leads. Look for prospects on various social-medias to build connections and relationships based on the niche.

  1. Analytics is your best friend

Making use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Keyhole can help you keep track of leads and revenues. These tools can help measure how users are navigating through your websites and social media profiles. This can help you keep track of pages being visited and URL durations and understand how your social media is impacting your earnings.

While handling social selling may seem like a concern only for the marketing department at first glance, it is a topic every single team member should be invested in. Educating your team on the concept of social selling will help your agency grow leads, prospects and secure more deals.


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