Tools to Improve Insurance Agent & Broker Productivity 

To keep up with any high paced, demanding industry, it is important that one manages their productivity. And like any other industry, boosting productivity is crucial for insurance agents and brokers too. In recent years, consumers have evolved to be more willing and capable of knowing their needs.  

How to improve Insurance agent and broker productivity

tools to improve agent and broker productivity


Cloud Management System 

There are several ways to store, back up, secure and access all your documents in a cloud. Using platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox, you can keep track of the backups, expenses, and performance of your company. The systems are excellent platforms to store and share files with clients and employees. Eliminating the extra operational cost of any organization, the cloud management system aids in a collaborative work environment for employees. The staff can access and work on the documents from anywhere they are. Moreover, virtualization technologies let you store data securely regardless of any natural disasters. No more scouring of documents through cramped cabinets. They’re right at your fingertips!  

Communication Made Easier 

There is a certain advantage of being able to walk over to a colleague’s work station and talk to them about a task. However, if some of your employees are out of the workplace regularly, or work from home, these communications won’t happen in person. This is where chat-based communication tools come into play. These chat-based communication tools like Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams among others offer comprehensive possibilities for establishing public and private channels with the option to tag your employees or colleagues and work on both desktop and mobile. Some even have voice, video and conference call options.  

 Keeping the Tasks Organized 

Whether you are working on a project individually or working together in a group at your office, you need to make sure you keep all your works organized. Some tasks need to be handled by multiple people. 

An effective project management system will help the task to be transferred as each step is completed from individual to individual. Tools such as Trello can be used to list out, update and organize your projects. 

 Making Content Management More Efficient 

A lot of smaller enterprises struggle with content marketing. The real issue is that you or your company need to take some time to regularly publish relevant content. To stay in the race in the market, you must use effective content strategies. The best approach is to produce excellent content, and then deliver it in a consistent manner.  

Another way to make content management more efficient is to repurpose the content you produce. For instance, if your company held a seminar, record videos, and photos of the event. Then, share the content on all your social media accounts, write a blog post about it and upload the video or a report on your YouTube channel. Moreover, start conversations on forums like Quora on the topics discussed at the seminar to lead traffic to your content. 

Using CRM for Better Sales Productivity 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is amongst the most useful developments benefiting contemporary marketing companies and sales experts. CRM technology allows tracking and maintain current and potential client relationships as well as enables better manage contacts. With CRM software like Salesforce, people handling communications can get simplified communications at various levels. When you acquire a new lead, information about this person or organization can be stored using the CRM software. The stored information can be referenced while dealing with that lead. You can achieve even more productivity with CRM by staying on top of maintaining your contacts. If you can religiously use your CRM, you will definitely start noticing the results! 

These tools once implemented, can prove to be an important asset in improving insurance agent and broker productivity. When you operate your own business, every minute counts. It is essential that time management becomes your priority so that you are working efficiently. And remember, the goal is to work smarter not harder! 

If these tips worked for you, let us know in the comments below. 

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