8 Ways to Build Trust with your Insurance Customers

Your job as an agent is to help your customers find solutions for risk management to limit their financial risk. The statement stands true regardless of lines of authority you focus on (personal or commercial) or whether you choose to focus on P&C or Life and health products.

The customers need to be able to trust you before they buy from you. They need to trust that your messages are accurate, that what you sell matches what you say it is, and that if anything goes wrong with the transaction, you will work in their favor.

How to gain trust as an insurance agent

How to build trust from your insurance customers


Trust is an integral part of the relationship between agent and the customer. To gain trust, your customers need to see you as capable, reliable, sincere and as someone with integrity. Trust can not be established quickly or through gimmicks. Companies who have lost customers’ trust realize that a handful of advertisements can not undo the negative associations in the minds of people as they try to repair their image.

So how do you earn the customers’ trust naturally and organically?


Your customers have problems and you help them resolve it through the products you offer.  Thus, you should be able to answer any and every question that your customers might have about the products.Learn about how and who can benefit from various coverage options provided by the carriers.

When you can demonstrate a solid working understanding of carriers’ products and operations, your clients will be more comfortable working with you.


You are in a sales profession, so you want to create new business whenever you can. However, one of the easiest ways to lose customer confidence is to try and make a quick sale even if the insurance product is not a good fit for the customer.

Only propose products that are meaningful and meet the needs of your clients.



Be mindful of the insurance carriers you get an appointment for, choosing reputable solutions you truly believe will meet customers’ needs.

When you offer multiple solutions, you’re demonstrating to your customers that you are genuinely interested in helping them get the coverage they need — not just selling them short for profit.



Being active on social media helps you in a number of ways: building visibility for your brand, attracting more followers, all of which helps build credibility. The more often you expose “who” your brand is, the faster you can build that confidence in your customers towards your brand.

One of the strengths of building visibility through social media is the amount of flexibility that you have: you can spend your time posting infographics and video, engaging with followers, syndicating on-site content, or updating news and commentary to customers. The key to a social platform is to be active and present.


Like other salespeople, insurance agents may end up over-promising for fall into the trap of wanting an over – promise for deals. Avoid doing that.

Try not to exaggerate a product’s features for sales and refrain from making promises to the customer if you are not capable of delivering on that task.Customers have almost as little confidence in brands as they used to, and one of the reasons they feel so is because they feel they have been lied to. When a customer feels like they have been misled or manipulated by any brand, they are likely to abandon them.

Therefore, it’s best for you to under-promise and over delivers in your best interest to under-promise and over-deliver in terms of all types of consumer anticipations. If shipping a product takes you two weeks, tell your clients it will take three weeks. If a product is going to last for 5 years, tell them it will last for 7. That is how you will never way, you are likely never to break your promises with a majority of your clients.



You have got a busy life, and your customers do too. Being aware of this and complying with their time can help you in gaining their trust and maintaining it.

Make sure you call someone when you tell them you will call them right back. If you set a meeting with someone for a certain day and time, be sure to reach there on time.


When the clients start having Trust becomes fragile when customers have any problems with something, their trust starts to crumble. When your customers face an issue, and you provide them with a quick, caring and remarkable customer service, you will gain their trust as a trustworthy brand forever.

But if you mishandle things, you will lose your client as well as your brand image. Thus, give your best when it comes to customer service. Don’t look for the easiest way out. You’re your clients Don’t just turn to the most cost-efficient way to resolve a problem; make your customers feel heard and cared for. Go all out to gain their trust.


Always communicate with your customers. Make sure to communicate with them in the right amount, avoid over-doing it. Keep updating them about the task status. Ask them for feedbacks. Talk to them regularly, especially if you are working as a consultant.

Communicate well with your clients about the processes and activities. Be clear about your objectives and actions. If an issue occurs, address it proactively. If your clients feel or find you overlooking the communicative part of your customer-service provider relationship. The existing trust could deteriorate.

If you maintain significant relationships with clients, they are likely to come back to you with their insurance demands in the future. They might even refer you to their friends, families, and acquaintances when it comes to their insurance needs.


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