What Makes a Great Insurance Agent?

Thinking of pursuing insurance as a career? Insurance surely is appealing and can seem very lucrative. But to be able to choose this career path and be successful at it will require you to possess certain qualities. Although there is no hard and fast rule to be followed for on to become a successful insurance agent, there are several key traits that the most successful insurance agents share. In this article, we bring you the innate characters the majority of successful insurance professionals have.

6 Qualities that make a good insurance agent

What makes a great insurance agent

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Extraordinary Customer Service

Highly effective insurance agents always care for their customers. They listen to the clients and work to provide exactly what they need. The clients will always go for the agents who provide them the best service. Building rapport with clients and being available is a necessity, be it on digital platforms, or simply returning a phone call. If you serve your clients right, you might get more referrals and sales.

Communication Skills

One of the most important qualities that a good insurance agent possesses is the art of communication. As an insurance agent, you will need to manage relationships with multiple clients and stakeholders. You need to be able to understand your client, send across a message, answer their questions well and give them the right amount of information. Great insurance agents are always available for prospects and clients.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand the emotions of oneself and the others. Being able to correctly read the emotions of others, and act accordingly greatly impacts work performance and professional relationships. This also involves listening to and connecting to the prospects in order to analyze and understand what they really want.


Insurance career is like a business, there lies a risk of failure at times. Losing a potential client or sales not going the way you want them to might be upsetting. But not giving up even in the worst of times is crucial for the success of any insurance agent. The agent should be motivated enough to endure failures or rejections and stay upbeat. Persistence is the key to success. However, knowing when to stand back and not over-doing it also essential.


Selling any product or service requires a great deal of knowledge, much more just selling a policy. Sales and marketing, law and politics, management, statistics, media and communication are some of the subjects that the agent must have some insights on.

Passionate and committed

It’s necessary that you are enthusiastic about the work you do. The more driven you are, the more clients and sales you make. Taking your job as only a means of making more rather than a fulfilling endeavor will refrain you from being successful as an insurance agent.

Bottom Line

Insurance business can be extremely challenging. But with the right amount of passion, commitment and the willingness to grow, you have a great shot at having a rewarding insurance career. If you think you have what it takes to be a great insurance agent, take the first step today!


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